Motor Oil Brands

Oil is an everyday necessity, that is used in nearly every facet of our daily lives. We use motor oils in our cars and machinery without thinking twice about how important it is.

But which brands of motor oil should i use in my car, truck, suv or other vehicle? Sometimes it comes down to a matter of choice. We offer information about different Motor Oil Brands. As well as lists and reviews of leading oil brands.

Using Olive oils in our foods and eating fish oils, can improve our overall health. Whatever type of oil or brand you are looking for, we are the oil experts.

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Why use synthetic motor oil?
The most simple answer is because it's better. First of all there are 2 different types of synthetic oil. Full synthetic oils and Semi-synthetic oils, let's take a look at what the differences are.

Full synthetic motor oils contain absolutely no petroleum, that's because they are made in laboratories. Therefore, they contain less impurities than traditional petroleum motor oil does.

Your engine will run cleaner, better and last longer if you use synthetic motor oils.

Semi-synthetic oils are a blend of traditional oils and synthetic oils. Because they are blended with traditional oils the cost is considerably cheaper.

Synthetic motor oils break down slower than natural oils, they also perform better at higher temperatures. If you race cars or motorcycles you probably already know about the benefits of synthetic motor oil.

Virtually the only downside of using synthetic motor oil is the cost. Synthetic motor oils are generally much more expensive than traditional oil blends.
Olive Oil
Olive oil is a healthy natural alternative to other oils, such as vegetable and sesame seed oil.  Using olive oil to cook, has many health benefits.

Preparing salads and sauces using olive oil, is a much better choice than using fatty mayonaisse. While olive oil is rich in nutrients, it does contain calories.

So, use olive oil in moderation as well. It is a healthier alternative, but using alot of olive oil, can still make you gain weight. - - - -